Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leo Cooking Competion

Few week back,Leo Cooking Competition was held at Han Chiang College's canteen. I was one of the committee! This event held on a special date too,which is April Fool Day(01-04-12). It's a joined project of 9 Leo Clubs of Our Region.
Some of the Clubs Banner.
Short briefing just before the Event start.
Competition Began! PCGPHS Leo's members. Busy preparing their dishes.
Jojo's Clubs. Bright smile and they got 1st runner up at the end :)

My Choice of the Day! Curry Chicken by Leo Alice from Pcghs. Really nice! ><
From the left : My buddy,Jia Wen,Alice. Chung Ling Leos. Texting or Cooking? No Ideas xD
I think is cooked by Alice Too ?Guess so?
Salad? A fruit salad :) 

PCGPHS's dishes! Looks delicious :)

The event ended around 5 pm. It's like really tires but all of us enjoyed well ! Waiting for the same competition next year. My club got the champion for this year so as the coming year?Hope so HAHA!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Bazaar

 Three of the Leo clubs had organize an event specially for the orphanages from The Shan's Childrens Home. Christmas Bazaar -- The event's title. I'm a part of Leos too. We collected RM1600 for the children home. We've celebrates Christmas with the children there.Tired,But worth it.

Before the event end,We have our big family group photo! All of the Leos squeeze together and capture down the wonderful moment that we shared together! Appreciated! 
Our big family : The Leos!! 
I just know 3 of them! Sherlyn , Chien Ming and Ah Chyn.
Another photo of them! They enjoyed themselves!
The two baby , Sherlyn and Ah Chyn with the Teddy! Happy belated Merry Christmas!
Lion Ong and the Little Santa Claus! They are so Cute! =)
Before they left,One more photo for them! Teehee :D
Stay tune!! More post and event coming up! Thanks!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Return

I'm back for blogging! Just noticed I've leave my site out for a year and now I'm back! Gotta wipe off all the mushrooms which grow here. *Forgive me if there's grammatical mistakes*

What I've done all this long?Where I've been all this days?My hometown's trips with Edwin and my sista!Take not much photo during the trips but we really enjoyed ourselves well.
We began our trip at Weld Quay early in the morning. *Ignore that umbrealla!*
Next,We sat Ferry and went to Penang Bird Park.Edwin slept on the ferry even though the trip just began!
Group photo in the Bird Park ! Teehee :)  ( Edwin,Me,Unknown? , My sista, See Teng,Chilli and ...? )
Chilli and her fren, The Parrot.
Hungry until wanna eat the turtle?Ohno,Edwin!
                           Edwin Van CL                           Ling Ying via Birdy                  Suki @ Birdy
Me,The Blogger! With two little Owl. 
Another Me via The Parrot. It bite my hand !
Lol ? I'm trying to ask 'him' stop scratching my hand = =
We went back to Penang after that.Heading to Fort Cornwallis to met up with Mr.Francis Light.
Say Hi to Mr.Francis Light @ Fort Cornwallis 
The Year We're Under the Hot Sun

               Group photo at the Fort Cornwallis                
They got a Boom?!! :))
Me and Edwin on the Boom!
The naughty Me and the boss Edwin !
Two guys emo-ing. Looking at the sky,thinking about the one they loved?
Went out from the Fort and pop-ed out 3 beca's ladies ! 
The trips almost come to the end.I skipped some part of the trips as we didn't take much picture.We started our trips somewhere near Weld Quay and ended it somewhere near there too which is Chew Jetty.
See Teng @ The Chew Jetty ! 
Everyone were tired that time except her. So we take photo of her there.Last but not least,still many photos coming soon.I've went to many places,tried many things and gains lots of experiences!!
Stay Tune! To know or connect with me please kindly click this link :  Me,The Blogger

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Su Zhou , China ( Day 3 )

What's my comment for the hotel we stayed at Shanghai?Quite good for it has a wireless connection for me to online.But,the breakfast there doesn't nice enough.Just a normal breakfast with sausage,fried rice,etc.The scenes outside the Inn quite nice.The maple trees out there attracted me.See this.
 While we're on the way to SuZhou,there was an old lady selling vegetables outside the toilet of the express way.What a pity old lady she is.My dad's friend give her some money as she is really pity enough.
 Although she selling those vegetables outside the toilet,but it still look clean and nice.
One of the scenes of the SuZhou.Nice right?I'll visit there again.

Finally,I reached the destination.Not much people outside there little old town.What I saw when i step in the little town is this.The Du ka!!!
The Du Ka there.Woots!Nice and tasty!!!Must try!!
Their traditional handcrafting using dried leaves.Awesome!!
Inside one of the Historical Humies House but I forgot what's that guy name already.LMAO!
 I'm just few step from it.They feed it inside the pond of the house.
The flowers there.Colorful!I don't think we can find it in Penang.
Is this called a lion?I don't know.Just simply find a name for it.Paiseh>.<
Still got many photo and post coming soon.Quite busy this few days so cant update it everyday.